Target In-Store Deal | 70% Off at One Spot

Target One Spot 70 Off

The $1 One Spot at Target is a bit of a money-suck for me.

I usually let my kiddos pick out one item if they’ve been super patient and well-behaved at the store, but otherwise, I try to skip that section — because I find that the “Oh, but it’s just a dollar” mentality adds up pretty quick. (Those Target marketers are no dummies!)

In any case, I made an exception last night when I stopped into Target to check out their post-Christmas clearance, since One Spot was 70% off for all “Black Triangle” items.

(Check the back of the item – if there’s a black triangle by the barcode, it should be 70% off or more, as long as your store features the sign above.)

We scored 10 Hello Kitty bauble bracelets – hello goody bags for my daughter’s next birthday party. I also found dozens of pairs of kids’ socks for $.30 each after the discount.

And I nabbed a bunch of Disney-themed hand warmers for $.30 a set. Those hand warmers are the same brand as the ones from Amazon — they’re just smaller and kid-themed for the little ones. (And let me tell you, they really work! Definitely worth $.30 a pair!)

There were loads of other great deals, too. If you’re organized for Purim already, you might even find good containers or items for your mishloach manot.

If you find the 70% off One Spot sale at your Target, let us know what bargains you find.


  1. STICKERS!!! They are Sesame Street themed and I know I will regret letting the wee ones have free rein with 300 of the suckers, but for $0.30 who can blame me? I also found a few puzzles at this price. When I checked the stocking stuffers I found 4 hot wheels for just over $1! My bribe bin is refilled.

  2. really nice big sturdy puzzles that were $3 in the dollar section were only $.90, lisa frank journal/homework pads $.30, mike & ike boxes with a reindeer on it were $.50, car charger & adapter was 2.99 in those gift boxed sections. lil princess dolls were $1.79, elf wigs with ears which look like reg clown wigs were $.90, hello kitty shampoo $.90.

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