Target: Update to the Frozen Kosher Food Deal

I had a good day at Target today. A very good day. I will share a post soon with all the details, but first I wanted to let you know what I discovered re. kosher frozen food items and the $5 gift card (originally posted about here).

Hopefully some of you also have that promotion running in your community and will be able to take advantage of it!

  • Every item in the freezer section should be included, as per the sign, which says “Buy any 7 frozen items and get a $5 gift card”. My gift card prompted every time the cashier swiped the 7th frozen item, without any problems. Your mileage may vary a little bit, and you may even have to escalate to customer service, as I’m hearing about a few people getting a hard time.
  • The gift card deal is rolling, which means you can buy 7 items in one transaction, get a gift card; then do a second transaction, using your gift card from the first transaction to pay for it. You then get a second gift card, which you can use to pay for your next transaction, and so on. Additionally, you can get 14, 21 or more items in one transaction, and the register should prompt for the right number of gift cards. I did two transactions with 14 frozen items each, and got 2 gift cards per transaction.
  • Market Pantry frozen veggies do not have a hechsher on them, nor do the frozen fruits (I was certain I had seen one on them before, but this time, I checked every package and didn’t find it.)
  • Bird’s Eye Steamers were the only hechshered frozen veggies I found, and they are Triangle-K. They are on sale for $1.02 each. Don’t forget about the $1/3 coupon from the 1/23 Smart Source insert. My store was running low on corn, but they still had plenty green beans and peas – if your family likes those.
  • The individual serving size of Haagen-Daaz, Ben & Jerry’s, Skinny Cow, and Edy’s are all included. At my store, they were $.99 – $1.02 each, not on sale. With the gift card, that works out to be $.30 each.
  • My store had mini Mrs. T’s Perogies (OU-D) for $2.79 each. There is a $1/1 coupon in the March 2011 All You or a $1/3 coupon in the 1/30/2011 Red Plum. There was also recently a $1/2 coupon printable, which I had in my coupon file — so check yours before heading out.
  • My store also had ample supply of Rhodes Dough dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls. The prices ranged from $2.79 – $3.69 per package. There are numerous $1/1 coupons available (here). I’m planning to clip/print some and head back out later this week.
  • Eggo’s Waffles are on sale for $2.09 for a box of 10 waffles (homestyle, buttermilk and chocolate chip varieties only). Although there are no coupons in the Database right now, I did find $1/2 peelies at my local Walmart last week – so keep an eye out for them.
  • Morningstar is not on price cut, unfortunately. The full-price at my store is $3.49, so even with the $5 promotion, it’s still quite expensive. If you happen to have any of the $1/1 printables in your coupon stash (no longer available), you can get a good deal.

Other kosher items like Kashi frozen waffles and regular sized Edy’s ice cream were not on sale — so even with the gift card promotion, it doesn’t pay to buy them now.

Stay tuned for pictures and details from my shopping trips today. I hit up three stores, which is really unusual for me – but I managed to score a lot of great freebies!

Is your store included in the Target promotion? What are you planning to stock up on this week?!


  1. You are right about the fruit used to have a hechsher, it was the KC Vaad. Depending on what agency you use, you don’t need a hechsher on most frozen fruit or veggies, as long as there are no additives. I am really excited about going later this week.
    I wonder if I can get it if i use it if I buy stuff with WIC.

    • Yeah, my fingers were freezing at this point, so I didn’t bother checking ingredients on all the frozen stuff. Also, with fruit at least, I can never seem to keep track of what’s okay and what’s not (strawberries – yes? no?).

      • This is what I always use
        and yes on the strawberries!

        • I thought almost nobody requires hashgacha on frozen fruits w/no added ingredients. I see the CrC doesn’t. I know I’m not the only frum person to accept Triangle-K for frozen vegs, since the kosher grocery here in my very orthodox community carries them. The only reason I think many people don’t accept Triangle-K is that it’s associated with non-glatt meat (Hebrew National, etc) – Which is kind of insane given that non-glatt meat is still 100% kosher despite our choice to hold to a higher standard.. Only in the last (20? 30?) years it’s become downright treyf in the eyes of most religious Jews, and I think Triangle-K’s supervision has been questioned because of it. There’s some issue with oil, supposedly, but I never buy their stuff that’s processed with oil – Just frozen simple veggies. If I couldn’t get Triangle-K’s frozen broccoli we’d never eat broccoli, since the Bodek brand is outrageously expensive. I’ve yet to hear a good reason why I shouldn’t, so until then we’ll keep on eating Triangle K frozen vegs.

          • This was one of the biggest shocks for me in moving back to the U.S. After living in Israel for 12 years, I was really surprised by how far to the right the standards had moved here. Especially wrt bugs in veggies, like fresh (or frozen for that matter) broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus – three of our favorites. Now, I just err on the side of caution.

        • Thanks, Tziporah for the link – hope others will find it helpful as well.

  2. Hi, Mara! Some frozen fruits are still under the KC Vaad, though unmarked, and certain frozen veggies are fine with no hechsher – give us or Bruce a call…

  3. ok, so my target ad is showing a sale on frozen products and something about getting a free freezer tote. does that mean i get the $5 GC as well?

  4. Hi Mara- my issue right now is reorganizing garage space to see if I can buy another (second hand) freezer or not!!! I filled up the first one with free veggies! I buy the broccoli and cauliflower as well, do a rinse , and then puree them into a kugel or a lasagna layer, thereby bateling any critters into smithereens. I used the 1off3 Q from SS and have never yet done this well on any healthy food sale! Wish i didnt live in florida- I could use a snow drift for freezer storage!

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