Target’s After Christmas Clearance Schedule

Calling all bargain shoppers! Target is the place to be in the days and week or so following Christmas, because of all the fantastic markdowns.

But when should you shop to get the biggest savings?

Most post-holiday markdowns at Target follow a 1-3-3 schedule.

The day after the holiday, merchandise will be marked down 50%. Then three days later, what is left of that merchandise will be marked down again to 70%. Again, three days later, anything that’s still remaining will go to 90%. Candy and grocery items however, are first marked down to 30% off first, then 50% and then 70%.

That said, post-Christmas markdowns typically vary by store. Depending on sale reports at individual stores, your store may keep items at 50% off for longer. Here are my best guesses for when we can expect to see the various markdowns:

  • December 26 – December 29/30 – 50% off on all merchandise; 30% off on food & candy
  • December 29/30 – roughly December 31/January 1 – 70% off on most merchandise; 50% off on food & candy
  • January 1/2 – 90% off on remaining Christmas merchandise

Please leave a comment below about what day your store hits 70%. And be sure to leave the location, so other KOAB readers can benefit.

When in doubt, if the sign at your store says 70%, it’s a safe bet that most everything has been further reduced, even if it’s not tagged. Always scan an item at the red price checkers to confirm, so you don’t get any surprises at check-out

What Should You Buy at the Target Christmas Clearance Sales?

While my Jewish readers don’t need tree stands, stockings and ornaments, the post-Christmas clearance sale can still be a boon for the bargain shopper.

Here are some of the items to keep an eye out for:

Lights – Think sukkah decorations! You can also usually pick up outdoor extension cords and timers with your lights, which obviously have year-round applications. Check the Christmas aisles to find these.

Storage tubs – Every year, Target puts out big Rubbermaid storage tubs with green or red lids – ostensibly to store XMas paraphernalia. But there’s nothing saying you can’t store your kids out-of-season clothing in a red-lidded tub, right?! Check the storage section, as well as end-caps, for these tubs.

Limited-time-only food products & candy — From mint Oreos (I guess because they are green?) to snowflake-decorated boxes of Rice Krispie cereal, you expect deep discounts on anything winter themed, no matter how loosely so. And don’t forget about the red and green M&Ms and peppermint Hershey kisses (my favorite). Check for these discounts in Target’s grocery section.

Diapers — Believe it or not, there are even Christmas-themed diapers, which you can typically find on endcaps in either the baby section or the healthcare section of Target.

Paper goods – By the same token, if you don’t mind a few snowflakes on your napkins, you can get them for a song! You might even be able to find solid red or solid green plates and plastic silverware, which are perfectly okay to use throughout the year (maybe not together?). If you’ve got coupons, now is a great time to put them to use to even better your savings. These discounts will be found in the grocery section of Target.

Toiletries, makeup and perfume, which has been specially packaged as “gifts” for the holidays — The same body wash you would normally buy anyway may be selling for pennies on the dollar in the next few days, if it was packaged up and marketed for holiday gift-giving. Check for these discounts throughout the store. You can also look in the stocking stuffer section of the Christmas aisles for discounts on chapstick, bubble bath and lotions.

Wrapping paper, ribbons, gift bags – Red and green gift bags may look Christmas-y in December, but in June, they won’t! Stock up on these items, plus tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and more. You can even get sweet deals on Scotch tape!

Holiday-themed coffees & creamers – Look for Starbucks, Coffee Mate, Keurig, Target’s Archer Farms brands and more. Mmmm…. Look in the refrigerator section of the grocery aisles.

Candles – Look for yummy scents, like apple cinnamon, gingerbread or warm spice. Check for these items throughout the store, as well as the Christmas section.

Clothing – No, not “XMas sweaters” (unless you have some kind of weird fascination with reindeer wear 😉 ), but Target often has cute children’s clothing labeled “holiday”. Often times, this just means that they are simple stripes or even solids in “holiday” colors. I saw darling polka-dotted leggings for my daughter after Halloween, tagged “Halloween” — even though they were just black leggings! Look throughout the children’s clothing sections for these items.

Plastic baggies, Reynolds Wrap, Tin Foil, Etc. – You can score major deals on these items as long as you don’t mind them being red, green or snowflaked (and why would you?!). These items can be found in the grocery section of your Target, as well as on end-caps.

Toys, toys, toys – Price check items even if they aren’t tagged clearance, because you never know what you might find! And stay tuned, because the BIG bi-annual toy clearance at Target comes in January.

Another important tip to saving money at Target’s post-Christmas clearance is to use your coupons.

For store coupons, start by checking the Cartwheel App on your phone. Then look for Target coupons online.

Remember, Target coupons can be stacked with manufacturer coupons, too. Search the KOAB Coupon Database before you head to the store, and scroll through the page. Here are a few I’d definitely recommend printing out:

$1.00 off any TWO Ziploc Brand containers
$1.00 off any TWO Ziploc Brand Bags
$2.00 off on any THREE (3) Mars Chocolate Brands
$1.50 off ONE Pampers Baby Dry Diapers
$1.00 off HERSHEY'S or REESE'S Baking Pieces
What are your best finds from the Target After Christmas clearance sale?


  1. I found a wine accessories set (tools for opening and storing wine) which sold for $10, less 70% = $2.99 + tax.

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