The 3 Desserts I Always Make for Passover

Pesach is all about tradition!

And dessert.

And dessert traditions!

There are lots of sweet treats that I’ll be making this week and next (for some reason, we eat far more dessert during Pesach than any other week of the year), but these three dessert recipes are non-negotiable for my family. If I don’t make them, my kids will absolutely freak out.

Two weeks ago, my daughter already started to ‘gently’ remind me: ‘Ima, you’re making the sorbet for seder, right? Right, ima???’ I tried to play dumb and ask, “What sorbet? What are you talking about?” She nearly cried! Apparently sorbet is serious business.

Anyway, here are the three desserts that absolutely MUST be made in my home or it simply isn’t Pesach!

#1. Lemon Strawberry Sorbet

I first shared this scrumptious, refreshing sorbet recipe on KOAB 8 years ago (eight??!!), and it has been a staple at my seder every year since then. Everyone who tries it loves it. It’s my most “can I get the recipe” item I make — for Pesach or anytime.

Although it’s far from low-sugar, there is something about the sweet strawberry and tangy lemon that gives it just the right taste for after a typically heavy meal.

If you’re looking for something new and refreshing to make for your seder, try this recipe. (Although I’m guessing your family will love it so much, you may be making it more than once during Pesach!)

(I’m also thinking about trying a “lemon-nana” version, which I found online. I’ll report back if that one is good as well.)

#2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is a rather new-to-us recipe. I discovered Lil Miss Cakes on Instagram last year and made them on a whim. They were SO ridiculously good. They don’t taste “Pesach-y” at all (even though they have matzah meal in them, which usually I don’t like – but trust me, you don’t feel it in this recipe!).

I made a big batch and it was gone in a flash, so of course, I had to get two more boxes of pudding for two more batches. By the end of Pesach I had made, and we had eaten, four batches of chocolate cookies. We might have a problem.

If you’re looking for a new guaranteed-to-please cookie recipe, try this one!

#3. Matzah Crack

Called this because, yes, it is so very addictive. I use the Smitten Kitchen recipe, but without the nuts (I’m a purist: Nuts don’t ever go in my desserts. Except for chocolate bark with almonds and cranberries. Because I’m nothing if not inconsistent.)

You can make this with margarine, but I usually serve it at a dairy meal, since I do think it’s just that much better with butter.  Although my 16 year old has already started lobbying me to also make a parve batch to serve at the seder / lunch the next day. So we’ll see.

Bonus desserts

As I said above, I do tend to make a lot of dessert during Pesach. So in addition to the ones above, I will also often make:

Please note that all of these are super simple. There are a few steps to the crumb cake and the lemon meringue pie, but the rest can be whipped up in less than 5 minutes.

What are your favorite, must-make Pesach desserts? I’d love to add a few to my rotation!


  1. Robin Latman says

    We always have banana sponge cake and plain sponge cake. My mom defrosted frozen sliced strawberries with sugar and would whip fresh whipped cream. So delicious.

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