This Just In. Rotel is Kosher*!


I popped in to Target the other day to pick up some items for our chicken tortilla soup over Shabbat. (So good – will share recipe soon.)

I was looking for diced tomatoes with chilis, and almost didn’t even glance at the Rotel. I mean – it’s not kosher, right?


I was giddy when I noticed that some of the cans of Rotel had an Circle-K on the side. (*Not all the varieties had a hechsher, so be sure to check.)

Have you seen the Circle-K Rotel at your stores?

What other newly kosher products are you excited about?!


  1. Larry Lennhoff says

    I noticed they were kosher recently and I thought about sending 18 cans to Meron to fulfill the mitzvah of Chai Ro-tel. I’ve only seen the mild flavor certified so far, not the original.

  2. Polly-O string cheese is now OU! I know for my daughter who lives in Memphis that this is a major deal.

  3. Must.Share.Soup.Recipe.

    (Consider it a pre- Shabbat mitzvah??? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  4. I first saw them kosher back in January in MN, but finally saw them here in NY, on the Island, a couple of weeks ago…..sooooo excited !!

  5. Yeah, Jessica saw them here in Denver, and the immediate reaction was “when is Velveeta going kosher?” Anyway, did you hear that Polly-O String Cheese is now reliably kosher? And a FRACTION of the price of the heimishe brands. So far it’s only available back East (has not been spotted in Denver), but I’m bringing back a case for Joshua when I go home next. Do they sell it in KC?

  6. Wishing that they carried polly-o in chicago. Also wishing the trader joes pizza dough was kosher here too. I have to bring it back from Maryland when I go. Now I will have 2 products to get.

  7. Chaya Phillips says

    Polly O is available here in South FL with an OU, although it was hard to find. I found 2% with an OU and my neighbor found jalapeno.
    If you have a Wal-Mart, they sell kosher pizza dough in the deli. At least they do here.
    Happy about the Ro-Tel!

  8. I just spoke with ConAgra foods. The one kosher Ro-Tel Product (pictured in the article) was discontinued. There are no kosher Ro-Tel products.

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