31 Days of Decluttering Reader Share: Kitchen Pantry Organization

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KOAB reader Barbara e-mailed in to share about the awesome methods she uses to keep her kitchen pantry organized! Check it out:

Having grown up in a NYC apt with a teeny-tiny kitchen, I am the consummate kitchen organizer. The key is to be able to see in an instance what I need to buy.

My pantry shelves are divided by type of storage:

1. Canned Soups

  • All chicken soup is in one row front to back, with tomato soup (for example) stacked above that. Vegetable soup is in another row, with “cream” soups above that.

2. Canned Veggies and Fruits

  • I follow the same pattern mentioned above with other canned goods.

3. Baking Supplies

  • My baking shelf holds parchment paper, prepared pie shells, extracts, food coloring, cocoa and more.
  • I use the bottom halves of wipes containers to hold small flavoring packets, boxes of jello and more.

4. Grains, Legumes, Cereals, Etc.

  • Rice, barley, beans, lentils, kasha, etc. are stored in peanut butter jars (see through and wide mouthed)
  • I’ve invested in a few large OXO clear plastic containers for pasta, sugar and cereals. Again, I can see instantly what I am getting low on. And this avoids the chance of a bug infestation. As soon as I bring something home I transfer it into these containers. The only cereal not in a plastic container is the oatmeal — that’s for shalom bayit as DH likes it in its original container!

5. Spices

  • I invested all of $15 in a 3-tiered, expanding spice organizer. I keep my spices in alphabetical order and it is easy to instantly find what I need. Amazon has them in bamboo. They’d be great in a shallow closet for medicines as well.

Such a beautifully organized pantry! Thanks for sharing, Barbara!

Pantry 2

Are you joining in with me on this 31 Days of Decluttering challenge? I’d love to hear from you! (In fact, I was sad because yesterday’s post didn’t get any comments!) So, if you’re with me, let me know: What did you declutter today?

31 Days of Decluttering

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