Office Depot/Office Max School Supply Deals for Week of 7/20/14

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Here are this week’s back-to-school deal from the newly merged Office Depot & Office Max. There are still two ads – one for each store – but they contain the same bargains. For “store brand”, it applies to whichever store you are at. I imagine by next year, this will be more streamlined, but for now, this is how the stores are presenting their ads.

If you’re wondering whether to buy now, or wait for a better deal, be sure to check out my back to school price list.

Note: School supply sales tend to be regional, so please check the ad in your newspaper to see if all these prices are valid in your area.

$.10 Deals

Office Depot Brand & OfficeMax Brand Marble Composition Book (Limit 3)

$.25 Deals

2-Hole Manual Pencil Sharpeners (Limit 3)

Sharpie Single Permanent Markers (Limit 5)

OfficeMax Brand & Scholastic Glue Sticks, 4 Pack (Limit 3)

$.50 Deals

Crayola Crayons, 24 Count (Limit 3)

Office Depot or OfficeMax Brand Highlighters, 3-4 Pack (Limit 3)

$1 Deals

Office Depot or OfficeMax Brand Multipurpose Paper Ream

Office Depot or OfficeMax Brand Poly Index Card Box with 100 Cards

Pencil Pouch with Mesh or Clear Window

Scotch Glue

Office Depot/OfficeMax will price match its competitor’s sale prices, so you can bring in the sales circulars from the newspaper and cut your stops down to just one store. However, you can not price match on store brands – nor on Store Rewards deals. Learn more about the various Store Rewards Programs HERE.

Thanks, This Mommy Saves Money.

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