Office Max School Supply Deals for Week of 7/21/13

Office Max Deals 7/21 Kansas City

Here are this week’s Office Max deals.

From now through the end of August, you can get great deals on all the supplies you need for when your kiddos head back to school in the fall. I’ve starred the deals that are at or below my stock-up price. As a reference, here is my back to school price list.

School supply sales tend to be regional, so please check your ad to see if all these prices are valid in your area.

There’s a $5 off $25 coupon in the ad as well – so be sure to bring it in with you when you shop!

$.01 Deals

All penny deals require a minimum $5 in-store purchase. The limits are noted by each individual item.

*Schoolio 1-Subject Notebook
Limit 5

$.10 Deals

*PaperMate Write Bros Ballpoint Pens, 10-Pack
Limit 3

*Dixon Yellow #2 Pencils, 8-Pack
Limit 3

$.25 Deals

*OfficeMax White Glue Sticks, 4-Pack or Disappearing Purple Glue Sticks, 4-Pack
Limit 3

$.50 Deals

*Schoolio 1” or 1.5” 3-Ring Poly Binder
Limit 5

*OfficeMax Filler Paper, 100-Sheets
Limit 5

*BIC Matic Grip Mechanical Pencils
Limit 3

MaxPerks Rewards Deals

OfficeMax Copy Paper 10-Ream Case — $46.99
Earn $42 in MaxPerks Rewards (Limit 2)
= $4.99 after Rewards

OfficeMax Multipurpose Paper 500 sheet ream — $6.99
Earn $5.99 MaxPerks Rewards (Limit 2)
= $1 after Rewards

Other Deals

*Ticonderoga #2 Pencils, 24-Pack – 2/$5 (like paying$1.25 per package)

*Wescott 8″ Scissors – $2

Office Max will price match its competitor’s sale prices, so you can bring in the sales circulars from the newspaper and cut your stops down to just one store. However, you can not price match on store brands – nor on Store Rewards deals. Learn more about the various Store Rewards Programs HERE.


  1. FrugalEngineer says

    And don’t forget that many of the stores have higher limits on the school items if you’re a member of their special teacher perks program. Other stores restrict the higher limits to one week or event. I married a teacher, so I know how fast he goes through pencils and paper.

  2. Office max allows teachers to get double the limit. In staples you have to get 25 and if it is limit 2 you need to pay for 23 at regular price but you receive the money back as staples money- not worth it for me!

  3. FrugalEngineer says

    Hmm, last year Officemax was limit 10 and I don’t think I tried Staples.

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