What Can You Clean for Passover in the Next 5 Minutes? (Hint: Your Purse)

In years past, I always seemed to forget about cleaning out my purse (and when I used one – the diaper bag). It’d be Erev Pesach, and I’d reach into my purse for a package of tissues and pull out a granola bar. Eeep!

This year, I vowed to correct the oversight of my ways and I cleaned out my purse today – thanks to a Google reminder I set for myself last year.

It took less than five minutes. I dumped everything out on the dining room table. First thing I did was remove the obvious chametz (a pack of M&Ms).

Then I culled through all the bits of paper and tossed most of them.

Next I collected all the loose coupons (yes, I’ve got them, too!) and filed them into my cute coupon folder from Target. It’s black, lined with pink and has a magnetic closure. I think it was around $7.

Finally I vacuumed out all the crumbs with an attachment on my vacuum and then wiped down the bottom of my bag with a damp rang. I neatly filed everything back into the purse and called it done.

Take five minutes to clean out your purse/backpack/diaper bag now for Pesach. You’ll feel so good!



  1. i love your little folder from target!
    i want one!

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