My Weekly Savings | Target and CVS ~ Spent $44.18, Saved $96.87

I had an hour to myself on Friday, without any kids, so I quickly headed over to Target to take advantage of some of last week's great deals. 2 cowl neck t-shirts - Reg. $12.99, On sale for $9, Used (2) 20% off Merona coupon = $7.20 each 1 pair … [Read more...]

My Weekly Savings | Dollar Tree + CVS

The deals were great at CVS this week, so I decided to head out on Sunday afternoon to pick up what I could get. Of course, this isn't everything we will buy this week (for example, we made a produce run to Aldi today), but this was a coupon-heavy … [Read more...]

My Weekly Savings: Price Matching Is My Friend

I did a really quick trip to Walmart on Friday to pick up a very few items, most of which were price matched. (4) bags of 12-oz cranberries - price matched to Aldi's @ $.99 each 1 10-lb bag of Russet potatoes - price matched to Adli's $ … [Read more...]

My Weekly Savings at Costco & Local Grocery Store

I had a very coupon-heavy trip today to my local grocery store. In fact, everything - right down to the blueberries and pomegranate - was bought with a coupon. Truth be told, more and more I find myself price-matching at Walmart, since it's closer … [Read more...]

My Weekly Savings: Grocery Store & CVS

Last week, I did two coupon-heavy trips. None of these are things that I need *right now*, but they are perfect for illustrating the stocking up principle. That is: Buy IN ADVANCE and IN BULK when the items your family uses are at their ROCK BOTTOM … [Read more...]

My Weekly Savings: CVS, Walgreens + Sukkot

Friday was a BIG errands day and between me and my husband, we got a lot accomplished. I hit up both Walgreens and CVS, which fortunately are right across the street from each other. At Wags, I had a $6 register reward in my pocket, and used … [Read more...]

My Weekly Savings: Dollar Tree & Walmart

I often get asked about deal shopping at dollar stores. At which point, I have to admit that while I've heard good things about doing that, I've never done it personally and therefore can't really comment. Well, today's trip to the Dollar Tree to … [Read more...]

My Weekly Savings: Rosh Hashana Shopping = Too Many Stores

Well, Sunday ended up being SHOPPING Day. So even though I just shared a Weekly Savings post yesterday, I thought I'd go ahead and post some more pictures. A lot of people assume I never shop without using coupons, but the truth is that I often … [Read more...]

My Weekly Savings: 6 Months of Cat Food for Less than $6 (PetSmart)

As you all know, I was in Detroit at the beginning of last week and then - as I've mentioned on Facebook - I came home on Tuesday evening to a sick two-year old. She was out of commission the rest of the week, which means I was pretty much out of … [Read more...]

My Weekly Savings: Coupons, Costco & Price Matching

There were a number of really great deals this week that I wanted to be sure I got before Shabbat, so I braved FOUR different stores in one day. And at three of them, I was accompanied by my very "busy" two-year old. This many stores in a week, … [Read more...]