This Just In! You Can Kasher Your Keurig for Passover!

How to Kasher Your Keurig for Passover (Instructions from the OU)

Calling all Java addicts: Here is some welcome news in the “one less appliance I need to buy for Pesach” department.

According to the OU, your Keurig can be kashered for Pesach.

Q: How do I kasher a Keurig machine?

A: A Keurig machine may be kashered by way of Hagalah or Iruy (please refer to pages 14-16 in the OU’s 2014 Passover Guide which can be viewed on, or downloaded … HERE. Alternatively one can find this information in ‘The Kashering Primer – Passover 2014’ article located on the homepage of

First remove the K-cup holder and clean very well.

Perform Hagalah or Iruy on the K-cup holder, and then brew a Kosher for Passover K-cup.

So, who’s gonna be kashering their Keurig this week?!

Thanks for the heads up, Lisa!



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